Let LinkedIn Write Your Next Cover Letter

Whenever I come across a great job opportunity online, usually I stop short of applying because of the cover letter.

Maybe I’m applying for a writing job or a marketing job, but for whatever reason, the cover letter becomes my roadblock.

Until one application changed that for me forever.

I was applying for a job with Pearsons – a national publishing house – and their online application had an option to link the application to my LinkedIn profile.

In the box where I could copy & paste my resume, was the summary of my LinkedIn profile – with my self-description, skills, interests, and notable past work history.

And then I saw it.

My cover letter.

With LinkedIn’s new quick recommendation feature (labeled “Skills & Expertise”), people you know and are connected with on LinkedIn can ‘verify’ that you have the skills you claim to have.  This is especially useful when you’ve been involved in organizations with people from college or post-grad and they know you can plan an event, write an article, or fundraise.

Take a look at your profile and see if you can make use of it.  It has definitely helped me get past the cover letter!

What are your best tips for cover letters?

Adrienne Johnson is a freelance writer and editor in Indianapolis, Indiana.  A graduate of DePauw University and a self-proclaimed “nerdette,” she can’t get enough of witty shows like Community and New Girl while discussing articles from her favorite blogs with friends. She laughs loudly, sings constantly, and will always have a place in her heart for the cello. Get in touch.

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